Holidays in Ayia Napa

Holidays in Ayia Napa The well known tourist resort of Ayia Napa is located at the eastern end of the south coast in Cyprus where is very popular for its white sandy sunny beaches.  During the last couple of years, Ayia Napa is not only a lovely holoday destination, but it has become a ‘party capital’ for tourists during their summer holidays.

Oldest Living City

Oldest Living City in Cyprus Located in the southeast coast of Cyprus, Larnaca city is an excellent town for visit, where the Cypriot Larnaca International Airport is situate in this city. In old times, Larnaca used to be called ‘Kition’ (Citium).

The Historic Cyprus

Find the Historic Cyprus The history of Cyprus draws visitors and tourists in search of culture to her shores every year and it is hardly surprising. The Island is a genuine treasure chest of ancient ruins and historic places of interest.

An Island for Everyone

Recently, Cyprus is becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. Cyprus attracts around three million tourists per year from Europe mainly from UK or other countries cited outside the EU.

Countryside Activities

Mountain climbing and Rambling Cyprus Tourism Organization along with the Forestry Department, have created more than sixty nature trails to support climbers and walkers to enjoy the island’s hills and vales; with some linear and circular trails, to help walkers discover the most interesting corners of the island.