Recently, Cyprus is becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. Cyprus attracts around three million tourists per year from Europe mainly from UK or other countries cited outside the EU.

Cyprus in an island that can please everyone! Families, couples and groups are able to choose between lively resorts and quieter settings with plenty of space to relax. One of the reasons behind Cyprus increasing popularity is the Cypriot weather which remains fair all over the year. Other reasons for Cyprus rising attractiveness are the many beaches and activities that tourist can perform during their visit in the country. However, besides the sunny Cypriot weather and sea holidays, visitors travel in Cyprus for business and real estate.

In Cyprus you will find remarkable ancient testimonials and sites, significant churches and monasteries that are sited many years of civilization and history. Although a small Mediterranean island, Cyprus has an enormous and vital overwhelming cultural legacy and tradition.
Cyprus Island position and crossroads between Europe, Africa and Asia and this mixture is reflected in Cyprus' cultural history. Cyprus according to Greek mythology is known as the birth place of Venus, the goddess of beauty and love.

Cyprus cultural multiplicity is perhaps best reflected in the local cuisine, which brings together the best elements of Mediterranean cooking. Meat dishes marinated in dried coriander and fine wine, and finally dried and smoked, such as lounza, sheftalia (minced meat wrapped in mesentery),charcoal-grilled lamb (souvla), as well as cracked wheat (pourgouri) are some of the traditional delicacies of Cyprus island.

Cyprus traditional music has many common elements with Greece and the island’s folk music, including dances like the zeibekikos, kartsilamas, sousta, syrtos, and the tatsia.

In Cyprus you can find some of the finest sunny Mediterranean beaches surrounded by high cliffs, many cedar forests, and gentle meadows of wildflowers that can only be found in the island, charming traditional villages, ruins of ancient civilizations and unique local cultures. Our advice, is to spend some of your time to discover the mountains of Troodos and Akamas peninsula, or some of the island's rich history, from pre-historic tombs to Crusader castles.

By the time that the sun sets the nightlife begins! In Cyprus you will find all the types of nightlife and entertainment, from traditional taverns to contemporary lively bars and clubs.

As the island sited in the Mediteranian Sea, the climate is hot and Cyprus can be considered as hilly with only few rivers. Cyprus has dry summers and occasionally heavy and rainy winters. Usually, in winter temperatures are mild in towns, and snow rarely occurs in towns. However, almost every year you can find snow at the Trodos Mountains where some seasonal ski facilities also exists. On the other hand dust storms are frequent over the year in Cyprus. This comes in contrast with the Cypriot summers, where the temperature can reach over 40 degrees Celsius in towns.
Cyprus has two main languages, Greek and Turkish and as a second language English. However, the official language that is been used by the Republic of Cyprus and spoken by all Greek Cypriots is the Greek language, where the Turkish language is mainly spoken in North Cyprus and some minority groups.

Even though the island is located close to the Middle East, it is a European country since 2004, and is a member of the European Union. Cyprus has two main harbors, in Limassol and in Larnaca and both of them serve cargo, passenger and cruise ships (mainly Limassol).
Cyprus is a wonderful island with a strong history that goes hundreds of years ago. Cypriot people are very welcoming as persons with strong believe in hospitality. Cypriot people are very warm and happy when foreign people visit their island especially in the villages, and more than welcome to tour the tourist around, and invite them in their home for a Cypriot coffee or a Cypriot maze.

Cyprus is a beautiful island that lies in the hard of the Mediterranean sea, with sunny and white sand beaches and nice warm weather in summer, lively nightlife that for everyone taste and delicious cuisine. Therefore, if you still don’t have plans for your holidays in this year, we highly recommend you to visit the island of Cyprus and you will have unforgettable holidays.