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Cyprus Tourist is the portal that aims to feature all the tourism-related enterprises in Cyprus and provide first hand Cyprus tourist information. In our directory, you may find companies providing Cyprus Tourist Services in all Cyprus tourist destinations. Companies listed in our directory range from Entertainment and Water parks to Safari Jeep organizers and from Agrotourism Village to Specialty services for the disabled. You can also discover some of the most famous tourist attractions in Cyprus.

Cyprus is one of the most popular tourist destinations today attracting millions of people from all over the world. Apart from the good weather, Cyprus also has some of the best tourist attractions sites, good infrastructure and a lot of amenities which are meant to ensure that visitors have a wonderful experience exploring the country. Besides, the government has created a conducive environment for investors, especially those providing tourist services to effectively discharge their respective duties and obligations. In our portal, we feature major companies that provide tourist services in Cyprus.

Transport Services: Tourism is all about moving from one point to another. In Cyprus, you can find great transport companies which have tourist’s best interests at heart. In fact, more new transport companies are coming up due to increased demand for good transport services, a factor that has made existing companies to up their game, in order to remain relevant and gain competitive advantage. There are three types of transport services that you can easily access once you are in Cyprus.

Airport transfer services: These are taxi companies who mainly move tourist from the airport to their preferred destination. Most of these companies offer online services which means that you can either book their services in advance or request for a curb once you touch down and within a couple of minutes you will be on your way. Airport taxi services are so common today and their services can be access anytime round the clock.

Car Rental services: This is another very essential service for any tourist who intend to have a wonderful experience in Cyprus. The rental car service is more convenient and cost-effective especially for tourists who come in groups. Ideally, rental car service facilitates all your movements during your entire stay in Cyprus.

Touring Service: Just like car rental, touring car service is meant to provide basic transport means during your holiday only that these companies specialize in touring alone. They closely work with major tourist attraction sites companies in the country to make sure, that tourist gets to have an amazing experience during their holidays.

Tourist Accommodation: Cyprus has an extensive list of different accommodation types which means, you can make your choice according to your needs. Due to the increased number of tourist coming into the country, especially in summer, many local companies or individuals have invested on accommodation services. Beside hotels and apartments, there is the option of renting a villa as well. It is important to note that most villas in Cyprus are very active on the internet which means that you can book accommodation or reservation in advance, you can effectively do your online research and be sure to get reliable tourist information and most importantly, you can make enquiries and be sure to get feedback within the shortest time possible. Also, if you are interested in discovering the culture of Cyprus, you can choose to rent a traditional house in a village which is usually located not too far from the cities.

Sport and Diving Companies: When you are out for a vocation, it is possible that you want to involve in numerous sporting activities that will not only help you forget about your daily routine but also make you have a relaxed and jovial mind during your entire holiday. There are a lot of companies which are known to provide a lot of social amenities, especially for good family moments. Other common sport services include diving, water and jet skiing, windsurfing or even yachting. There is also the possibility to book a catamaran cruise for your special occasions according to your needs. In simpler terms, there is something for everybody in Cyprus. Come with your loved ones and we guarantee you an amazing experience during your entire vacation. Just do your research in advance, get to know more about the various tourist services in Cyprus, book reservations and properly plan your holiday for a more amazing experience. In conclusion, one thing that is for sure, the tourist services companies in Cyprus, put all their effort to be the best in what they do and that is what makes them great.

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Are you visiting Cyprus for the first time? Then you need to know that Cyprus is a small but beautiful island and apart from beautiful beaches and blue waters so famous all over the world, Cyprus has a very rich history whose reminiscences are scattered all over the island.
That's why for many tourists renting a car is the best solution to visit all the famous places on this island. You can easily find a good and cheap car to rent from the many Cyprus car rental companies listed on website.

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Etko Harbour Tower Aktaias Avenue Cornaro Block, 2nd floor, Limassol, Limassol 3010, Cyprus
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